Community Consultation: February 2019

6 months ago

About the proposed B-Line

A B-Line is faster and more frequent than regular bus routes and will move more people per day than the current service. In order to ensure B-Line service can operate effectively, the proposal recommends shared bus lanes on Marine Drive, the construction of new left-turn bays, and other measures that will help cars and buses move more smoothly.

Information Materials (PDF)

Consultation topics

The District is seeking feedback on the following topics:

– Shared bus lane

– Hours of operation

– Changes to on-street parking

– Western terminus location

– Park Royal– Marine Drive at 21st Street

– Marine Drive at 24th Street

Thank you for attending the Community Meeting

Thank you to everyone that attended the Community Meeting to learn more about the proposed B-Line and ask questions.

The Community Meeting took place at the West Vancouver Community Centre on Thursday, February 21 from 6–9 p.m.

It's West Vancouver's decision

West Vancouver Council will consider community input and feedback in determining whether the B-Line proposal is in the best interests of our residents and whether there are changes that can be made to improve the plan.