The proposed plan

21 days ago

No lane closures are involved

The proposed street changes do not close lanes. The proposed changes provide priority measures for all types of traffic using the roads.

Currently, car traffic gets stuck behind vehicles parking or turning right in the right lane, and behind left-turners in the left lane. The proposal is to create a priority lane for car traffic in the centre lane. Dedicated left turn bays on Marine Drive at 13th, 15th and 17th will improve the flow of through-traffic, as will the elimination of left turns at 14th and 16th Streets.

With through-traffic in the centre lane, the right lane will be for cars parking, cars turning right, and buses.

Proposed parking loss is minimal

The curb lane will be retained for street parking. A small number of parking spots (approximately 15 of more than 500 spots) will be taken over to provide space for dedicated left turn bays at 13th, 15th and 17th Streets.