Updates: March–April 2019

6 months ago

April 16 Update

At the April 15, 2019, Council meeting, Council passed the following resolution with respect to the B-Line:


THAT the “Proposed B-Line Service for West Vancouver Community Engagement: Consultation Summary Report” dated April 2019 be received for information.


  1. the interim report from the Director of Engineering & Transportation Services regarding “B-Line Update and Next Steps” dated April 10, 2019, be received for information;
  2. staff be directed to provide a comprehensive report on transportation improvement options for West Vancouver by fall 2020, consistent with Council’s strategic plan; and
  3. staff consider Marine Drive corridor improvement measures during the District’s 2020 budget process, so that the measures may be considered in the context of the District’s other general budget needs.

Additional information was provided to Council on-table, consisting of a summary of all correspondence to Council related to the B-Line.

See full update by Mayor Mary-Ann Booth

April 11 Update

The Proposed B-Line Community Engagement: Consultation Summary Report from the Director of Community Relations & Communications, and the B-Line Update and Next Steps Report from the Director of Engineering & Transportation have been posted for public viewing.

Both reports can be found on the revised Council Agenda for April 15, 2019.

March 12 Update

This update is intended to clarify some confusion in the community and inaccurate news reports that Council voted to stop the B-Line at Park Royal at the March 11 Council meeting.

West Vancouver Council voted to direct District staff to do five things, in summary:

  1. Work with TransLink, Park Royal and Squamish Nation to clarify details for a terminus option at Park Royal
  2. Review new options for a B-Line route west of Park Royal, provided they avoid routing adjacent to schools and minimize impact to residential neighbourhoods, do not require any restricted access bus lane in the Ambleside or Dundarave business districts, and minimize the loss of on-street parking
  3. Seek traffic improvement measures to improve transit efficiency for local bus service and generally improve traffic flow along Marine Drive through Ambleside
  4. Identify costs and potential funding sources for the above
  5. Report back to Council with findings and public consultation results within 30 days

It is anticipated staff will report back at the April 15 Council meeting. If potential new options are identified, the District intends to consult with the community before proceeding. District staff are now compiling and analyzing the many contributions made during the B-Line engagement process and Council is looking forward to considering this at the same time.

In 2019, the B-Line will be implemented through North Vancouver up to Park Royal. A final decision on where to stop the B-Line in West Vancouver has not been made.

Thank you for your patience as we conduct a thoughtful process to find the best solution for this community.


Mayor Mary-Ann Booth

Thank you for your input - March 5 Update

West Vancouver Mayor and Council would like to thank everyone who participated in the month-long community consultation process on the proposed B-Line. Whether you attended a meeting, filled out a feedback form or wrote a letter, your input is important and Council will consider it very seriously.

The survey closed on February 28, and staff are now compiling the results of all community inputs to prepare a final consultation summary report. The consultation report is anticipated to be complete at the end of March. We will notify you once it’s available for viewing.

In the meantime, as you may be aware, Council discussed the B-Line project on March 4 and will again at the March 11 regular Council meeting. No decisions have been made. Council understands the significance of this project and will examine every detail very carefully in order to find the right solution for West Vancouver. We will share information updates as they become available.


Mayor Mary-Ann Booth

About the proposed B-Line

A B-Line is faster and more frequent than regular bus routes and will move more people per day than the current service. In order to ensure B-Line service can operate effectively, the proposal recommends shared bus lanes on Marine Drive, the construction of new left-turn bays, and other measures that will help cars and buses move more smoothly.

Information Materials (PDF)

Consultation topics

The District is seeking feedback on the following topics:

– Shared bus lane

– Hours of operation

– Changes to on-street parking

– Western terminus location

– Park Royal– Marine Drive at 21st Street

– Marine Drive at 24th Street

Thank you for attending the Community Meeting

Thank you to everyone that attended the Community Meeting to learn more about the proposed B-Line and ask questions.

The Community Meeting took place at the West Vancouver Community Centre on Thursday, February 21 from 6–9 p.m.

It's West Vancouver's decision

West Vancouver Council will consider community input and feedback in determining whether the B-Line proposal is in the best interests of our residents and whether there are changes that can be made to improve the plan.