The Official Community Plan supports the B-Line

about 1 year ago
The Official Community Plan policy 2.4.8 specifically says “Support the expansion of frequent transit services, prioritizing connections between Park Royal and Dundarave by expanding bus priority measures and transit-supportive road treatments along Marine Drive to improve reliability and speed of transit service, and to facilitate future rapid bus service.”

Throughout the OCP engagement process, we heard significant interest in expanding housing and transportation choices as well as concern about climate change and social equity. The relationship between these topics is important to understand.

For example, providing transportation options for those who cannot drive (for reasons of age, health or income) is a component of social equity.

Reducing automobile dependence is a component of addressing climate change.

The lack of affordable housing means that nearly three-quarters of our workforce and approximately one-quarter of our school students commute into West Vancouver every day. This contributes to traffic congestion, road maintenance costs, pedestrian safety concerns, and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Further, 80% of West Vancouver residents drive to work in and through the community.