Survey: Prioritizing Capital Amenity Projects

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Deadline to provide your feedback is Friday, February 22, 2019, at 4 p.m.

The District of West Vancouver is prioritizing capital projects for 2019 and your feedback is important.

The District has received community requests for new assets. These requests are received through previous board, committee or community group approval. While these requests are not identified as infrastructure critical projects in order to provide services, they would be an improvement to the quality of life in the community. 

These new assets would be funded from alternate sources other than from property taxes such as unrestricted Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) received as part of development agreements, through grants, or by using provincial funding allocated to municipalities.

The following is a list of projects in need of funding; we invite you to let us know which of these projects are priorities for you:

  1. Navvy Jack Nature House restoration | $2,050,000
  2. Ferry Building Gallery restoration & washrooms | $2,000,000 
  3. Library infrastructure | $706,000
  4. Memorial Park cenotaph accessible ramp | $75,000
  5. Garrow Bay east trail and stair replacement | $57,000
  6. Civic Centre Great Lawn fencing | $45,000
  7. Rutledge Field stairs & railings | $25,000
  8. Lighthouse Park: Juniper Loop accessibility | $10,000

Which of these projects are priorities for you?

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1. Navvy Jack Nature House restoration

Lawson creek bridge crop

About this project

This project includes restoration of Navvy Jack House to its heritage 1909/1911 look on the exterior, raising the building to the new projected flood level, potentially situating the building to the north-west corner, stream restoration on the property and clean-up of the landscaping. The District will then operate the Navvy Jack House as a place to promote environmental programs and services, with the actual programs taking place outdoors. An advisory committee would oversee the programs and services. The space would be programmed in partnership with local environmental, stewardship groups and community partners and would be called the Nature House. The configuration is for an open 1,200 square foot multipurpose fully-accessible space with storage, a kitchenette and washroom. There is no guarantee of grant funding for this project, however, staff will apply to any grants that may become available which, if successful, will reduce the District's contribution. Once the project is complete, District staff will operate the centre, at a net cost of approximately $110,000 per year, which would be added to the operational budget. Read more about this project here

Would you agree that the suggested contribution of $2,050,000 is a priority for West Vancouver?