When is the streetscape happening?

    Construction will start Tuesday, September 8 and will take approximately nine weeks to complete. Visit the project page for more information about the Horseshoe Bay Streetscape.

    When are you starting park improvements?

    Phase 1 construction (Royal Avenue to Nelson Avenue) is expected to begin in fall/winter 2020 and will take approximately 10 months to complete.

    What is happening with the ferry terminal?

    The ferry terminal upgrade project is being completed by BC Ferries. Visit their website for details on the Horseshoe Bay Terminal Engagement

    What is happening with the Sewell’s development?

    You can get information on this project by visiting westvancouver.ca/sewells.

    The new park design will integrate with the public realm areas of this development.

    Why is there a parkade proposed?

    Some of the feedback we received expressed that the parking lot took up a large portion of the park and we were asked to mitigate the loss of parkland due to parking. 

    The consultants studied alternate solutions and we believe we have found an effective way to meet parking requirements without giving up park land.

    Are you adding parking spaces and who are they for?

    We are proposing to add seven parking spaces open for public use in this proposed design.

    Why are you not removing Sewell’s Marina and the parking lot?

    We heard from the community that they like the quality of the working waterfront and do not want to change that. 

    The marina requires the current number of stalls in order to meet zoning requirements and run their business.

    Are you removing any parking?

    No, we are not planning on removing any parking for the park development.

    What will you do if you can only build part of the park?

    We hope to hear your priorities at the public meeting on December 5 or through the survey (open until late-January 2019). 

    We will use this information to help us decide what we should focus on first if the park implementation needs to be phased.

    Why are you moving the propeller public art feature from fountain?

    The current fountain has mechanical problems and needs a complete renovation, so the propeller public art feature is going to be re-worked into the new design.

    Why are you not making an off-leash dog park?

    We have heard mixed feedback about making the park dog-free and making an off-leash area. 

    We have decided that the east side of the park shall remain an on-leash area and the west side will not allow dogs by the open grass area playground or beach. 

    If you are looking for off-leash dog areas, you can find a list and map on our website.

    Are you removing any trees?

    We have already removed a few trees that were dead. We are planning to remove one more tree beside the lift station as it is affecting the surrounding infrastructure. 

    We do not plan to remove healthy existing trees and we will be planting some new trees.