over 1 year ago

This historical character of West Vancouver single-family neighbourhoods has ranged from modest affordable bungalows to larger estate-type homes which were generally in scale with the surrounding homes. These neighbourhoods accommodated families whose children attended the local schools and most people knew their neighbours. It was rare to see a vacant home.

The growing trend of replacing modest homes with much larger houses is making West Vancouver financially unattainable to the average family. This trend has resulted in fewer pedestrians, fewer local children in West Vancouver public schools and more homes sitting vacant. It is becoming less common for residents to know and interact with their neighbours.

The combination of changing demographics and dramatically increased property values is changing the character of West Vancouver. Many of these changes are societal in nature; the focus of the Neighbourhood Character Working Group will be targeted to specific recommendations on regulations, guidelines and policies related to single family homes that are achievable and ultimately beneficial to the residents of West Vancouver.

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