Community engagement

Ambleside LAP engagement will involve working with local stakeholders and the community to gather feedback and identify:

  • aspects of any of the options you think might make sense
  • ideas in the options you think could be refined and made better
  • components from any of the options you think shouldn't be explored
  • new creative ideas you can share to plan for Ambleside's long-term success

Each distinct option is informed by over thirty planning studies spanning the past 75 years, existing Official Community Plan (OCP) policy, current Ambleside demographic and land use conditions, mapping analyses, and three-dimensional model visualization. The options booklet is an engagement tool that illustrates variety and possibility for Ambleside, while encouraging informed dialogue and collaboration to shape the LAP. Staff are here to listen to all feedback so we can present it back to Council, along with a single LAP framework (emerging land uses and building heights) for subsequent direction.

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