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Our community is facing unprecedented housing affordability challenges with some of the highest rents and housing prices in Canada. People are leaving our community.

High housing prices, limited housing supply, and demographic challenges affect our community in many ways:

  • reduced population and demographic imbalance
  • reduced local workforce
  • more people are commuting to our community every day to work or attend school, resulting in increased traffic and greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduced services and increased costs for services.
In 2014, the District purchased the site at 2195 Gordon Avenue for $16 million. Council is now proposing to use the site to create housing, increase rental supply and improve affordability, while generating $20 million in revenue, with no ongoing cost to the taxpayer.

To achieve this, the District would long-term lease/sell the site to a third party that would construct the buildings, operate the rental component and long-term lease/sell the strata condominium units.

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Rental housing and revenue

To address housing affordability and balance revenue needs for other District public projects, the District is proposing to use this property to create: • 170 below market rental units to be operated by a third party • Rents at an average of 70% of market rent, that are income targeted for moderate-income people, including families and workers in West Vancouver • 30 strata condominium units • a variety of unit sizes: studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms • $20M in revenue (to recover the initial purchase price of $16M plus a reasonable return)

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Building form

The District has proposed two possible building forms (size and height) to try and balance the footprint of the buildings within the property: • Option A with three six-storey buildings • Option B with one six-storey building and one seven-storey building

Option A

Option a

Option B

Option b
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Number of housing units

The District is proposing a total of 200 housing units, made up of 170 rental units and 30 strata condominiums to seek to balance housing and revenue needs.

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Target market for rental units

To address affordability, the District is proposing that the rental units be income targeted for moderate-income people, including families and workers in West Vancouver.

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