What are the Upper Lands?

    The Upper Lands refers to all of the undeveloped land north of Highway 1 and below Cypress Provincial Park and the Capilano Watershed Reserve, from the eastern edge of West Vancouver out to Horseshoe Bay. 

    The Upper Lands includes undeveloped lands above and below the 1,200-foot contour. Lands above the 1,200-foot contour are designated as a Limited Use and Recreation Development Permit Area in the 2018 Official Community Plan. No changes to the designation of these lands are proposed as part of this process. Lands below the 1,200-foot contour are divided into four remaining planning areas: Cypress Village, Cypress West, Inter Creek, and Eagleridge. These planning areas are west of Rodgers Creek. 

    See the Map of the Upper Lands Planning Areas.

    How big are the four planning areas in the Upper Lands?

    Total land area in the four remaining planning areas in the Upper Lands is about 570 hectares (which is about 1,400 acres). The size of each area is as follows: 

    • Eagleridge is about 280 hectares 
    • Inter Creek is about 70 hectares 
    • Cypress West is about 80 hectares 
    • Cypress Village is about 140 hectares

    What is the overall vision for the Upper Lands?

    The overall planning vision already contained in the District’s 2018 Official Community Plan (OCP) is to protect all of the lands west of Eagle Creek (i.e. Inter Creek and Eagleridge) in their natural state, enhance outstanding recreation opportunities, and create compact, sustainable neighbourhoods in Cypress Village and Cypress West. The OCP recommends achieving this vision by transferring the development potential from lands west of Eagle Creek into Cypress Village and Cypress West. The OCP also envisions protecting environmentally important lands within Cypress Village and Cypress West, concentrating development in these areas into higher density, mixed-use urban neighbourhoods.

    Will this planning and engagement process implement the entire long-term vision in the Official Community Plan or is this just a first step towards implementing the overall vision?

    Transferring all of the development potential from Inter Creek and Eagleridge into Cypress Village and Cypress West likely involves converting almost all of the units from single family to multi-family. This is necessary to achieve a compact, sustainable urban form. The resulting amount of multi-family housing would take decades to develop at the recent, relatively slow pace of growth in West Vancouver, likely spanning 50 years or more. It is neither possible nor prudent to predict the kinds of changes in technology, transportation, community priorities, housing needs, climate, and the nature of urban development that will likely occur over such a long timeframe. There is a need for flexibility, to adapt to a changing world over time. Therefore, the District is planning for a first major step in implementing the long-term vision in the OCP. This first major step will create detailed policy to govern development that will span the next 15 to 20 years.

    What are the goals of this process?

    In broad terms, the goals of this first major step in implementing the long-term vision in the OCP are:

    • Protect a substantial portion of the Eagleridge lands for conservation and recreation, including the most ecologically significant portions.
    • Create a new compact, sustainable urban community in Cypress Village, served by transit, with a mix of housing types, community facilities, and shops/commercial space to serve Cypress Village and Rodgers Creek.